Personal Christmas in Halley

Dear All… Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful christmas emails that have

been coming in..and sorry for not replying individually: I am busy stuffing

stuff into bags that are stuffed. Rhian style. It’s mayhem. We arrive this afternoon,

christmas eve. Relief begins tomorrow. But what I really, really need you to

know, more than anything, is that I have just seen Antarctica for the first

time, up close and personal, I could almost touch her. And she is beautiful.

So very beautiful. My breath was taken away. I am in love with this landscape.

I am in Antarctica. Happy christmas to you all, and thankyou from the depths

of my heart for always encouraging me to follow this dream. xx

(On an aside, upon moving to Halley this afternoon, I have to set up a new

email account. The address will be the same for you but the reality for me is

that I lose your addresses in the system. So please drop me a quick line, either

by leaving a comment here, or by emailing


4 thoughts on “Personal Christmas in Halley

  1. So glad that Antarctica is so beautiful. Thank you for all your lovely cards and letters and presents. I particularly like Mog, and think I may send him to Patrick later on. I’m longing to try the bath cushion and all that goes with it! Lovely to be with your parents and brother and his girlfriend, and your godfather and his wife. But miss you. Much much love from Granny

  2. hello and happy christmas! what a place to be over the festive season! things must have gone smoothly for you to have arrived early? enjoy the start of your new adventure

    sophie xxx

  3. You may be able to get email on Antarctica, but Scilly is a different matter!!! I am now back on the mainland and at last able to send you Christmas love and all the trimmings! Have spent a few fairly fraught and frantic days en famille, which was lovely, but there were more than a few moments when I envied your location! My niece is beautiful and I am now a fully fledged devoted aunty, but definately still an evil one and noticed that there were strict instructions for me not to be left alone with her!! I have returned in order to hot-foot it to Cambridge, of all places, for New Year, the irony!!!!!! We will spend it together one day. Am thinking of you at various dull and gloomy moments during the days and you spring a smile to my face. May you keep bringing sunshine and tales of wacky adventures into my life. Keep giggling gorgeous, All my Love as ever, Scillygirl xxxxxx

  4. Hey Rhian,

    Brilliant hearing that you are doing so well. Just read a Guardian article on Antarctica and thought of you. Lifted a glass of bubbly to you on the 1st from Rome.



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