• Hey Rhian,

    these pics are stunning. Now there’s no question of why you’re back there. Not that there really ever was…

  • Hi Rhian,

    I’ve come in on a Sunday to find your 3 emails awaiting me. I’m having a read of them now – trying to decipher where you are at…

    I’ll send you an official email in a bit once I’ve gone through the print-outs with a highlighter working out what you should do next!

    This site is mad (in an entirely positive way) I’ve just found your brother’s film critique pages! V.interesting (I am a bit of a film buff, you see!)

    I was wondering if Katie has left Halley yet? Can you post a photo of my kit on this site? I know it’s a bit sad but, hey!?

    Speak soon…

  • Amazing photos. I would write you a proper email but I haven’t got your address (my mother’s system means I can access emails from outside home, but can’t see my address book – one day I will grow up and have a system of my own, but not in the immediate future). So – drop me a line and then I can reply to you! I hope you are well. Is it dark all the time now? It must have felt sad and a little scary to say goodbye to the summer people. No?

    I’m fine (much better). I’m off to Hong Kong on Saturday for a week’s holiday with Liam, which is exciting. He grew up there, so he’ll be a great guide.

    Just realised it is very stupid asking you if it is dark all the time, when I’ve just been looking at sunset photos. Shows how little I can imagine your life out there.

    More soon. lots of love, Kathy xxx

  • Rhian, awesome photos … hope all is going well down there.

    Just one q for you … where down there can you get a good bowl of pho??

  • hey rhian hows things going? is it cold enough out there for you? seen your pics they are great. lots’lots’lots and lots of love

    from you 2nd mum delia and alan


  • Thanks, Irene… nice to know they’re being looked at. But are photos not an easy way out? I’m pushed more if I write… but photos might say a thousand words. Last year I was adamant I didn’t want piccies as it’s too easy to look at.. like watching the movie instead of reading the book. But you can’t describe some of this stuff without visuals. What do you think?

    hope all’s good with you?

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