Andy and Mags Go On An Adventure

Here is a map that shows where they are and how they’re getting on…

It’s easier to read if you click on where it says ‘View Larger Map’ at the bottom… then if you click on the balloons, you get Andy’s latest story too. I hope. Enjoy!


View Larger Map

addendum,- no, Zeph can’t fly, I’m just struggling to convert Andy’s coordinates into something that resembles a position in the ocean. Working on it…

2 thoughts on “Andy and Mags Go On An Adventure

  1. do you mean the adventure,- or the fact that I managed to create a clever map?! Stefan tells me that really clever people can even view it in Google Earth.

    Just heard from Andy,- he likes the idea of the map and promises to spend this evening writing up a few more waypoints as they’re holed up for the day due to wind. (I thought wind was a goods thing when sailing?) I guess you just keep checking here every now and then to see if there are new balloons,- or you could subscribe to this post and I’ll write a comment every time there’s a new bubble?

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