Just a wee one to give you a little gps position for us Melinka Island



We arrived at Melinka Island two nights back after a great days sailing

across the Gulfo de Corcovardo, heading west into the setting sun with

heaps of wind from the south. Getting into our anchorage late at night

was quite tricky,we motored around the bay trying to find a spot to rest

amongst all the large fishing boats and spot lights.

Once we had anchored Toms wife Jackie was on the radio Gabbling half

English half Spanish,and very excitedly that if he didn’t row himself

ashore immediately there would be trouble. So off we set armed with

Pisco and lemons.

A great night with the crew of the ‘Ballaneas Azul’ the blue whale

research center folk here ensued. It was a little distracting though

after some time at sea, to walk into a house of twenty six Chileans. All

keen to talk English and ask us how our Spanish was….

We were also met by a good friend of Magnus, called Howie, who has been

traveling through South America for some months now, I couldn’t help but

be impressed by the lengths he had gone to to get to Melinka. But Howie

or as he is known to friends the ‘Earth Wizard’ is a bit of a special

character it would appear no distance nor obstacle is too much bother or

a worry for him.

We immediately signed him up as crew and he will be sailing up to Puerto

Montt with us, amongst his others he is a motorcycle courier in London,

one time tour manager for the American rock band Kiss! More recently

he has spent several weeks living in the jungle, in the company of some

Ecuadorian Shamans…. How could we not!

We sail first light tomorrow morning the 31st arriving in P.Montt by the


Fairly winds

Zephyr and crew x

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