Eating Out near Cuzco, Peru

(aplogies for the questionable punctuation – writing from an intenet cafe and not sure how to make it good!)

Andy and I are in Peru, and it´s great. Everything is great, most importantly the climate: it´s not raining, and it´s not cold. For the last month he´s been fighting the cold and wet of Puerto Montt, and I´ve been luckier: exploring changing eosystems of Peru with Cape Farewell. That said, I was ready to leave the humidity and insects of the jungle where we ended the trip.

There is much to say about this amazing place, and much will be said I am sure. But for now, I introduce you only to the most surprising aspect of our adventure so far – the culinary sensations around Cuzco! Here are our greatest finds so far…

Cicciolina, Calle Triunfo 393 2do piso
Combined with a bakery, go there for gourmet ´Bread and Breakfast´, or coffee and cake, or homemade pasta lunch, or exceptional dinner, or just a drink… just make sure you go there. (Their sister restaurant, Baco, is on Ruinas, also worth checking out.)

Limo, Portal de carnes 236, Piso 2, Plaza de Armas
The ceviche and pisco cocktails give New Yorks finest sushi bars a run for their money. Get the Tiradito de Aji Amarillo and melt.

Aldea Yanapay, Ruinas 415, upstairs
Go for tea and cake and giggle your socks off.

Divina Comedia, Pumacurco 406
Champagne by the open fire or extravagant salads at lunchtime

Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the town of Aguas Caliente for a night or two in order to visit Machu Picchu, make sure you go to Indiofeliz and be dazzled by the creations of this inventive French – Peruvian couple.