A Floating Boat!

August was quite a strange month for us, mostly dominated by return from a great trip to Peru followed immediately by being burgled.. for the second time in a short number of weeks. A comedy of errors resulted in two items being returned to us, but only because one of them conveniently gave an exact GPS location of its whereabouts so we could track it down… to a police station! Computers, cameras, and video camera all nicked too (and not found) so that’s our excuse for silence on the bloggy front. Plus a general lack of interest in writing about blah crap stuff like the above. The truly great news of the week, however, is that Zephyrus was put back in the water last Monday…  and we now have, for the first time in 5 months, a boat that floats. Better pics to follow but for now these were taken by a neigbour who was there right as the bubbly was popped…. cheers!

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