Jerry’s Ferry

Last Saturday was pure fun. It rained, it hailed, the wind howled, the sun shone, the the rain returned and so it continued. The day before Andy had been caught in a (spanish) conversation along the lines of:

english version:
” do you like boats”
“great, I’ll sign you up for tomorrow then”

spanish version:
“do you like racing small boats”
“great, I’ll sign you up for tomorrow’s regatta then”

And so it was that we found ourselves, for the first time, actually splashing around in boats, untethered. (Andy in a dinghy, me in a rather larger yacht belonging to a friend.)

The boat theme continued into the early evening with the launch of Jerry’s Ferry,- as the below video presents. Jeremy, Vanessa, Kila, and Max have made the brave move of moving off their boat and the cruising/homeschooling lifestyle they have enjoyed for the last three years, and into a beautiful house on an island opposite the marina and school on the mainland. In order to make those howling winter (and, it seems, spring) days more tolerable for the daily commute, this extraordinarily cute boat was commissioned…

(for those who have been asking for a Zephyrus update, here is a relatively calm moment captured on video…)