Adventures Anew


It’s true, time for adventures anew. Nooksak was sold in March last year. I was sad to see her go but happy she has an attentive new owner. Wrapping up my job, selling my home, moving on and out, purging purging, purging, had all the usual pain… and then one day I woke up and found myself living in an industrial town called Puerto Montt in southern Chile.

We have a boat here, called Zephyrus, that has had a huge birthday this year and now is ready for adventures anew. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be heading West: hopefully to Easter Island, French Polynesia, Gambiers, maybe even Pitcairn….. and eventually somewhere like New Zealand before hurricane season arrives. It’s a big adventure for all: for the boat- freshly renovated; for Andy- first big ocean passage, and skippering without crew who know anything helpful; for me- sailing in general, just two of us in a little space, the great blue yonder…. I try not to think about it really.

Our first test journeys have been harder than I expected (what was I expecting?!) but I’m hoping the rewards will be rich.

If you’d like to follow our adventures, please check out where the blog and map will hopefully be updated from the boat.

This site continues to hold recollections from Andy’s previous adventures, and my time in Antarctica … thanks to Stefan Geens for hosting it all this time. I look forward to returning when we get to the other side.

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