Gracias, y muchos besos

photo: Brian Budgeon

So this is it, we’re off. Tomorrow morning, if things go according to plan (never a sure thing by any standards), we will be visited by the Aduana, the Armada, and Investigaciones. Or, customs, navy, and police. And with those three visits the three of us (Andy, Rhian, Zephyrus, or at least the papers of-), will hopefully all be approved, stamped, and allowed to leave. And then we go. [Not very far to start with.]

Chile has been great to us, Puerto Montt has been great to us. Actually, to be honest, Puerto Montt has been our home for some of our lowest moments so far… robberies, multiple illnesses, more robberies and incessant rain to name a few…. but the people here who emerged to support us during those times have been without exception amazing, and usually quite unexpected.

In addition, this is the longest Andy has ever lived anywhere in one go: over a year with only a few weeks off for relatively near-by travel. It’s also the longest the two of us have ever spent in each other’s company. So far, so good…

So, without further ado, goodbye Puerto Montt, and thankyou all. We have very fond memories of our time here.

photos: Francisco Izquierdo

1 thought on “Gracias, y muchos besos

  1. I hope the Aduana, the Armada, and Investigaciones don't find me wrapped up in the storm jib.. perhaps I should have chosen the more generous cloth of the #1 genny as my hiding place but I was worried you might choose to hoist that one first. May the storm jib remain below for the duration!


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