Update following Tsunami

For those who have not yet heard, we are fine, and safe at sea following
a huge earthquake in Chile and resultant tsunami. In time one of us will
write about the experience but we wanted you to know first that we are
safe. Thanks to those of you who have sent messages of concern, and
information,- you hear much more via the global media than we do.

At the time that the tsunami hit we were moored in the Cumberland Bay,
Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernandez Islands. We had intended on
leaving later that day (the previous day being a Friday, not recommended
for mariners!) Indeed, we were both deeply glad that we stayed the extra
day although it was horrific. The island had received no warning, and
the first we knew were crazy wave motions around the boat followed by a
loud roaring sound. At one point our boat was fending off two houses and
a navy boat, along with its mooring, as well as entire trees. There were
many shouts and calls from the sea, and we managed to help several
people onto Zephyrus while the island was still waking up to what was
happening. Initially three boys and one young girl, later the boys were
reunited with their families and the girl's family joined us on board.
Dawn broke about 4 hours after the event, and only then could we see the
extent of the devastation. Shortly after, the navy advised us that
another wave was expected, and asked that we leave the bay for the
safety of deep water. This we did, after ensuring the family was landed
safely to a high place. We left Juan Fernandez in shock and deep
sadness, thinking of our friends there, and gradually processing the
implications. Our hearts very much called us to return, to help in some
way, but our heads rationalised that there was little we could do at
this stage, and we might risk bringing more danger to the place by
returning. Plus, the winds and seas were already carrying us on a direct
course for Easter Island…

We are both very sad, but safe, and Zephyrus is sailing well. We have
traveled about 148 miles since yesterday morning and have 1485 more to
go. Lots of time for reflection.

5 thoughts on “Update following Tsunami

  1. Woah – thanks for the update! Was very worried. Look after each other. Good luck, xoCat

  2. Thanks for update. Glad to hear you are well. We thought all that was left was Andy's jacket!!
    Alan & Consuelo

  3. Thank goodness you are OK..!! we were worried,keep safe,
    warm hugs
    Kris and Andrés

  4. Wow, mum sent me the link to your blog-it is fantastic reading. So glad you are both safe. We are in Sydney if you are sailing past pop in!

    Kathryn (nee Robb!) xxx

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