!!Photos and Video!!

Several weeks ago, just before leaving Iles Gambiers, I copied a bunch
of photos and some videos onto some cds and posted them off to our
respective families. This was partly to share some images and send news
by mail, and partly as a back-up.

Many thanks to my brother, Felix, who uploaded the photos to our Flickr
account (flickr.com/smilingfootprints), also accessible directly from
the smilingfootprints.com homepage.
Many thanks to my dad, Roger, who has managed to upload a video that
contains some memories of the journey from Chile to French Polynesia to
our You Tube account (http://www.youtube.com/user/smilingfootprints), or
directly at:


For those wondering, limited internet access is available at many of the
anchorages that we visit in French Polynesia by using a wifi connection
from the boat to a network called Iaoranet. There are also a couple of
other local wifi networks – HotSpot and ManaSpot – available in
residential areas. For some reason, however, we can't access google
pages.. so this now includes not only our Gmail interface, but also
Blogger and You Tube. We do however receive comments left on the blog,
and also occasionally have been known to peek into facebook. We also
have an email address on the boat, not widely advertised as we use a
satellite phone to transmit and receive and really don't want
attachments or spam.

I'm still not sure how I feel about having web access so easily from
the boat. And now also many other cruisers in the same place as us.
It's like the longer we travel, the less remote we become.

3 thoughts on “!!Photos and Video!!

  1. That was a lot of words' worth of pictures and video, thanks! Gives a great extra take on what the voyage is like.

  2. I love it and am inspired to dance. And mostly I love that you showed us the toilet that so made me laugh. Today is the opposite of sailing here. My house is staying still but the wind is so strong everything else is sailing by. lots of kisses. Frini xxxx

  3. Enjoying your adventure, wanted to sail the pacific
    since I was a boy, finally learning to sail now!

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