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Zephyrus has been in a boatyard ‘on the hard’ for a couple of months now… and she’s looking beautiful. Before making the final polish, we’re going travelling for a few weeks with Andy’s parents around New Zealand. Thereafter we’ll have her floating again for adventures anew.

Since this latest adventure has found its destination, all the smilingfootprints entries and comments have been transferred here, to, where I will continue writing, and where pre-Pacific posts are also held. will remain accessible, and anyone who already subscribes to those posts via feedburner or email will continue to receive updates.

It’s been fun!

work on Zephyrus

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  1. Yay rhiansalmondotcom 🙂 good to have you back. I’ve missed your blogs popping up every so often. Hope you are well. Looking forward to lengthy catch up soooooon xxxx

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