Baltazar Visited

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From Andy, to his nieces (and other important women in his life):

Dearest girls

This morning at 6am before the sun rose or the birds had chirrped or the
fish had poked their heads up to say hello, I was laying in bed thinking
almost time to get up for my watch…Not the watch you wear on your
wrist but the type that means you sit in the cockpit of a boat telling
everyone that you are looking out for ships but really where you just go
to eat biscuits secretly!
But i was still lying in bed thinking about biscuits i mean ships…when
i heard this funny kinndofa bounce bounce rustle bounce bounce rustle……
Wel i didnt think anything more of it as there is often funny noises at
sea.. And then i had to get up and what did i find but the whole of the
boat inside and out coverd in chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits and
chocolate chocolate and even more chocolate chocolate…As i sat in the
cockpit looking for ships (eating choclate! Id upgraded from biscuits) I
had time to think as i often do sitting looking at the sea and thinking
sometimes big clever thoughts like yesterday I had a clever thought
about melting cheese ‘ontop’ of my jacket potatoes in the oven so the
cheese was all runny and dripped everywhere when you ate it….And
sometimes little thoughts like I wonder if Millie and Lois have got as
big a full moon as i have out here in the ocean…….

Well you can tell me that after coz this story is about things that go
bounce rustle and leave chocolate all over boats……
And i sat munching and thinking i realised what it probably was….Do
you know where I almost am? well not almost! but nearly? well not even
nearly! but ever so close and not really that far away from ?yes ever so
close to and not really that far away from! an Island which has three
names imagine that; if your street or town had three names you would
only sometimes ever find your way there…
This Island is called Rapa Nui…. Isle de Pasqua…. and really the same
as the last but in English  ‘Easter Island’….

Do you suppose if you sit and think about it that, Easter Island is
probably somewhere where something that might go bounce bounce rustle
and leave chocolate eggs on peoples boats might live…….

Just a little thought thinking of you too xx


From Andy, to Rhian:

All is well aboard amor we are sailing downwind main and genoa wing on
wing or bears ears…Aries doing the work…Angus tying knots in cockpit
Mitch prepparing our first fishing trawl line…
ps woke this morning to find Easter Island Bunny had been onboard not
sure who let him on but when i came on deck and said to Mitch “he’s
been” he smiled like a ten yr old… Angus on the other hand got up and
said why is there chocolate balls and chickens everywhere….??? Thoses
would be eggs and Rabbits Angus nice try now clean your glasses and get
on watch….How i love him …



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  1. Great to read you’re on the move again; tonight, we join Fergus and Kay on Pylades here in Martinique … we miss you, and wish you well in yet another crossing!

    Love/jon and jen

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