Introducing Baltazar

There’s something I haven’t told you. While I’ve been enjoying my lettuces, juicer, farmers market, and solid foundations in general, Andy has been enjoying the high seas again. On a boat, of course. But more – on our boat. Our new boat, that is. She’s called Baltazar and she’s very beautiful (I am told) and strong (I am hoping) and is currently making her way here (New Zealand) from Puerto Montt (sound familiar?) under the trusted steerage of Andy, Angus, and Mitch. You can follow their progress here:

View Baltazar in a larger map

This is what she looks like –  old pics but I don’t suppose she’s changed that much since she was first up for sale..

As and when I get updates, I’ll post them here. In the mean-time, I’ll get back to my lettuces.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Baltazar

  1. What’s happened to the lovely Zephyrus?

    Are you planning to expand the fleet further with a view to starting a charter business?

    I think you may have happened upon a new cure for sea-sickness:

    “Find a row and plant some lettuce”



  2. Hi Rhian

    I spoke to the boy a week or so ago, he is I think quite protective of this boat, I could hear him calmly telling Mitch, who had just caught a fish do not splash blood over the boat, thats not Andrew, what is happening he is not getting his dads sickness let keep things tidy. I hope not???.

    • Yes Ivor, next thing you know he’ll stop liking Garlic (unless it’s snuck in without him knowing….) 😉

      • Hi Anthony

        Nice one on the garlic, you will be pleased to hear it is now on the menu in our house,as well not in my food of course, I hope not???

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