The sun is rising across the lagoon and the cocks crow, morning has broken on as calm an anchorage as there ever was. We arrived yesterday evening, dropped anchor drank one beer and went ashore. The combination of sea legs and the beer gave the impression that the three of us had been drinking all night swaying and lurching from side to side…We
decided to stop after a couple of hundred meters and lean against a fence…Only for it to be a gate, and to collapse backwards under us,

The three amigos then found ourselves on our backs staring at the sky….laughing…Found a lovely lady to make us Steak and chips and that was all, she wrote.

Mitch’s girl arrives in two days so we are likely to be here for 15 odd days…. (Haaaa Rhian and i said that two years ago and stayed for 7 weeks..) The plan then is one more stop 700nm west the island of Ravavi then direct to NZ..But for now the boat is still..