Light Me Up!

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I had the 3am to 6am watch last night. At about 5.40am this morning, about 30 minutes before sunrise, i was looking up at the stars when something strange caught my eye to the south.
Two lights traveling in tandem, at first i thought it was a plane but quickly decided not, then a satellite but its rare to see them so close-  in fact i don’t think i have ever seen two together. I’m guessing the lights were some 700 meters apart but difficult to tell when judging distance with stars.
As i watched, I realized they were not traveling like satellites arcing high through the sky but were coming towards me from roughly 20 degrees above the horizon. This continued for about 7 to 10 seconds when they became intensely bright like car headlights. Just as i was thinking ‘what the and wow’ they appeared not exactly to stop but to retreat, moving
rapidly towards the west and gaining in altitude. I lost sight of them due west at about 60 degrees above the horizon and finally fading into the background of stars. The whole time remaining perfectly in tandem.The whole event took about twenty seconds.

And i was only saying just that morning amazing how we haven’t seen a
single ship this whole trip!