Andy Whittaker

Andy loves adventure. He skis, climbs, sails, and learns whatever other skills might be necessary to explore wherever he is. He was a Commando with the Royal Marines for seven years, and is qualified as an Industrial Abseiler (IRATA Level 3), and skipper (RYA Yachtmaster and NZ Maritime Inshore LaunchMaster). He has worked in a range of abseiling, mountaineering, sailing, and guiding, capacities in the Middle East, Antarctica, South Georgia, Patagonia, New Zealand sub-Antarctic Islands, Australia, and the UK. He speaks pretty good Spanish and Arabic, can get by in French and German, and is fluent in English.

He sailed his first boat, S/V Zephyrus, across the Pacific from southern Chile to New Zealand in 2010 with his wife, Rhian. In 2012, he sailed their next boat, S/V Baltazar, along the same route, just much faster. Both adventures are documented here.

Most happiest mucking about in boats, half way up a mountain, and telling stories.

In 2013, Andy combined his sailing and climbing experience to launch a safe, easy, and efficient method for solo mast-climbing: Aloft Alone – won’t let you down until you want it to!