2013 – nothing like a summary

Not a single post in 2013? What does that tell you? Well – maybe it was just more of a private year than others. And maybe we were re-creating ourselves……  And maybe our energy was being focused elsewhere. And maybe, well, maybe I just didn’t want to blog. Sometimes you don’t want to share your daily experiences, thoughts, and activities with the world-wide-web. And that’s ok too.

Without a doubt, the year was dominated with my Mum dying. And that’s so personal, and so hard, that I don’t want to say much more about it. But to not mention it would be like the way I meet people on the street – and they know – but they don’t say anything. And all I want them to say is “sorry to hear about your Mum”, so I can say back “thanks”. And then we move on. It doesn’t have to get any heavier than that. But it does need to be acknowledged.

We had highlights as well though, mostly around being in New Zealand and developing our lives here. Here are four:

1. Andy started a business: Aloft Alone – a system for safely climbing – and descending – your mast alone (“won’t let you down until you want it to”). It’s based on techniques used by climbers but with some extra thought put into application to a yacht’s mast. It was launched at the Auckland Boat Show…. the most interesting thing for me was how many women were excited about it: complete independence for them if they want to climb a mast, and no more need to either be winched up, or winch some else up, a mast!

2. I got a job as senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington. I have found a partner-in-crime, Rebecca Priestley, and together we have established a new group called Science in Context – research, teaching, and talking about science. It’s fun. We have put together a suite of online undergraduate courses that explore some aspect of science and society, carry out research into science communication and history of science, and are involved in the development of various conferences, workshops, outreach activities, and events.

3. Andy and Baltazar joined the Oil Free Seas Flotilla, at the end of which he celebrated his 40th birthday:


4. And I had an opportunity to give a TEDx talk about Sailing, Tsunamis, and Climate Change:


Finally, we’ve just had a wonderful – and important – holiday with my family (brother, sister-in-law, and dad), and look forward to Andy’s parents visiting later this year. And who knows.. I might just feel like writing again.

Wishing you all a rich and rewarding 2014.


2 thoughts on “2013 – nothing like a summary

  1. Hello dear Rhian. Erika introduced me to your website when you were en route from Chile to NZ. Although I think of her often and continue to value and be empowered by her smile and strength, I thought of you both last week when I met someone whose son and daughter in law and 2 grandsons have spent 4 years travelling around the world in their boat. I logged on and have just read your blog for 2013. My love and best wishes to you for a healthy and fulfilling 2014 and remembering our time together when you,Felix and Kathryn were little! Barbara xxx

  2. 2 things: (1) I am so sorry to hear about your mum. xo (2) Your TEDx talk was wonderful! You have such a gift for communication. Wishing you all the best in 2014 as well. ♥

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