Pledge a bald head!

Dear friends, strangers, kind people out there in the ether….

We have had over SEVEN AND A HALF THOUSAND POUNDS in pledges for my hair to

be shaved off! Thankyou so much,- I had no idea you felt so strongly! We have

been amazed and very touched by the generosity that has been shown this last

week,- thank you all for your pledges. Below is my

blog about the head shaving extravaganza, and there will be a slightly more

official version here

pretty soon.

Payment methods for those of you who pledged, or meant to….

If you are a UK taxpayer, whatever your payment method, it is possible for

the charity to claim an extra 28% of your donation. If this applies to you,

please include in your email or letter a statement that this is intended to

be gift aid for the The Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Charity Fund. Please

also state your name, address and amount being donated. This might sound a bit

silly, but we also need to know that 28% of your pledge is actually a smaller

amount than the total amount of tax that you pay. If you really want to know

more, you can download the official

inland revenue PDF file (360k).

Wherever you are, if you can read this website, the simplest way to pay (in

any currency) is probably to use a secure on-line system called PayPal,

which is now a part of eBay. If you already have a PayPal account or feel comfortable

setting one up on your own, you can simply send your donation to

Otherwise, send an email to the same address and we will then reply with a personal

weblink allowing you to authorise the payment and give details of your account.

If you use telephone or internet banking, you can transfer money directly

to this account in the UK; all of its contents will then be transferred to the

charity. The account details are:

Nat West Alsager Branch

2 Crewe Rd, Alsager

Stoke-on-Trent ST7 2ER

Account name: Mr P J Clarke & Mrs E L Clarke

Account No : 91939461

Bank Sort Code: 60-01-12

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made out to: The Philippa Clarke Malawi

Appeal Fund and send it to:

The Philippa Clarke Malawi Appeal Fund

c/o Philip Clarke

Cooksgate Farmhouse

Church Lane





Thankyou all once again. That was the most expensive haircut ever and

worth every penny!

5 thoughts on “Pledge a bald head!

  1. Oy, for that amount of money, I want more pics! RSS Shackleton’s site hasn’t been updated for a week, so the responsibility falls on you, Rhiannon.

  2. Stefan, they tell me the Shack website should be updated by today… tell me if it’s still not true at UK closing time. Will also give Felix as many

    pics as you like when I see him in Monte in 2 days. Can’t wait! (Just have a problem emailing photos as my email allowance is limited)

  3. We was robbed! All those who wanted the dreads to stay (surely I wasn’t the only one?) demand that you grow them back again, immediately. Who knows- if you cross the line next time with a full head of dreads we might even sponsor you again!

  4. This is only the first of a series of ever escallating dares and counter dares on the HMS Rum Sodomy and The Lash. Next a wager will lead to a crew mate seriously ill after ingesting an entire emperor penquin.

    Later a swabbie will somehow lose a kidney to a dull butter knife in a game that garners the winner a pack of moldy Paraguay smokes. I pray for their safe return!

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