Greetings from Antarctica!

An Argentine helicopter

Two BAS ships at Halley

Me at my lab

Penguins messing up my clean air

And finally… manhauling stuff to my lab

5 thoughts on “Photoblog

  1. Great pix Rhian!

    Glad to see you are taking precautions by filling

    up with antifreeze while out in the cold!!

    Love the penguins at sunset.

    Looking forward to more….

  2. Rhian,

    I enjoy your reports and photographs. When you get a moment, could you tell us a bit about the team at your base? Think of it as the Hollywood trailer – Hannibal is the clever leader with the cigar, Face is the charismatic grifter, Murdock is the wacky tech guy, Mr. T is the grunting strongman with a jewelry fetish. It would be interesting to know what kind of people and skills flesh out a winter camp.

  3. I’ll see what I can do. Funny thing, I’d just read your posting last night before we all at down to watch “Scum”, a classic 70s film set in a youth detention centre in Britain. Some of the community likenesses were scary and had us in fits,- the nice, innocent, bloke who bimbles around, not entirely sure how he got here, the ringleaders, the slightly mad eccentrics and sausage-eating vegetarians, the deliberate antagonists, the space cadets, the ones who you never see, the temperamental chef and the schoolmaster, the counselor.. it’s a dificult piece to write though because one day any or all of them might stumble acros it…

  4. This morning’s news opened with a story on the dramatic rescue of the scientists and dogs at N.Pole-23 research station, which had been all but destroyed by an upity ‘berg.

    It reminded me that despite all the beautiful photos and months of solitude, you are living a dangerous life – be carefull out there!

  5. Thanks, Eric. It’s true,- this feels like the best playground in the world most of the time but occcasionally, like when the generators go down, you realise just how isolated, and potentially dangerous, it is. And then the power comes on and within minutes it’s all a laugh again. It has to be,- you’d go mad otherwise! We haven’t heard about that story down here yet but I hope everyone survived. Rh.

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