Garden Monkeys

What do garden monkeys think about all day long? Chasing squirrels!

Once there was a garden monkey who watered the flowers in a very

special garden. He was carefully tending to the beautiful flowers,

when all of a sudden, whoosh! Down fell lots of leaves from a tree as

it’s trunk shook… and with a flash a squirrel zipped up the branches

and then stopped immediately to eat a nut while peering down at the

garden monkey. The garden monkey was caught in the squirrel’s spell.

He sat stunned next to the flowers. He imagined a great big elephant

who would lift him up high into the tree so he could chase that

squirrel! The garden monkey closed his eyes tight and wished very

hard. Suddenly the hose began to wiggle. It slid out of the garden

monkey’s hands like a snake, but he didn’t notice because all he could

think about was chasing the squirrel. The hose moved around magically

on the ground until it carefully rose up above the flowers – and then

as high as the tree. It had formed into a very large elephant, trunk

and all! The garden monkey opened his eyes and to his delight, there

stood a magical elephant! The garden monkey grabbed on to it’s tail

and began to climb up the elephant. The squirrel was confused, he had

never seen a hose turn into an elephant before. He sat stunned, caught

in the elephant’s spell. The garden monkey quickly crawled up the

elephant’s trunk which lifted him up to the tree – and kerplunk!

Leaves flew everywhere, branches shook while a major squeal was heard

throughout the neighborhood. The garden monkey emerged, slid down the

hose and continued on watering the flowers – but this time with a

furry tail sticking out of his pocket!