mid-ocean update

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24dg 16, 124dg 47

light and fickle airs all night followed by a huge southerly swell 6 to 7 meters but no breaking sea so quite tranquil.
this morning thunder and lightning started with an exceptional display
at dawn, a towering cumulus billowing bigger and higher a few miles to
the south of us which then started to light up in its entirety several
miles wide – cloud filled with lightning, both sheet and pulsing forks.
Continuing on for 2 to 3 hrs… I could only watch on with fascination
and deep delight at not being under it!!

We are now just passing Ducie, the first of the Pitcairn group. We have
spent the last three days dillying 20 miles from it with little or no
wind…  and not starting the engine!! 560 nm to the Gambiers, back in
time for tea and medals huzzah and huula huula to ya’ll…….